We are a together couple. Been that way for 8 years. No children and willing to travel on weekends. Are interest with others, lay outside of our normal loving making. We prefer to participate in pre staged fantasies that are sexually exciting to "us." Submissive / Dominate role-playing is our current liking. We have already done threesomes and couple on couple type swinging. We have wasted time at swingers dance socials. On premises parties are OK but boring.

One night as planned:
Just about sunset on a warm evening, Rick and I arrived at CCI to find the parking lot empty. As planned we were to arrive and be inside thirty minutes before the others would arrive. Once inside, Rick had me sit in a straight chair located in the center of the room. My back was to the entrance door. Once seated, he restrained my wrist to the arms of the chair. My ankles separated and tired to the legs of the chair. Then he stepped back to admire his submissive subject. “Do you know what is going to take place tonight?” He asked. I shook my head left and right, indication I did not know. “Are you going to be a good little girl?” was his second question. “Yes.” I replied. The club operator was standing just off to the rear of my left shoulder. “Are you OK?” the club operator asked. I nodded my head in agreement. Rick circled to my right carrying a home made gag as the club operator moved directly in front of me. Rick placed the gag in my mouth and tied the straps behind my head. “How does she look?” Rick asked the club operator. As the club operator smiled and nodded, Rick pull my skirt from under my ass. Folding it up off of my left thigh to leave me exposed. The club operator suggested I part my knees. Rick took this photo as we waited for the others to arrive.

The other guest turned out to be four male members. Each one brought an "adult toy" with them. Before the night was over, each one in turn had me in their preferred sexual position.

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