Submissive Accepted

Training by appointment. Novice welcome.
New clients: as you arrive you will need to present your ID and sign the request form. Then you will be lead to the meeting room for a brief question and answer interview. If all goes well, you'll be escorted into the training room.
Once inside the training room, you will remove your blouse. Centered in the room you stand erect ankles separated available for inspection.
Phase two:   sub_girl-01.jpg Kneel body erect - eyes lowered - chest out - tummy in - hands at your side.
Phase three:   sub_girl-02.jpg Knees and thighs are widely parted, hands lift your skirt high above your thighs, back gently arched thrusting breasts forward and up. Exposed and open to my gaze from all angles.
Phase four:   sub_girl-03.jpg Knees and thighs fully parted, enough for a hand to be placed between your legs, with your back straight. Lifts and hold your skirt and arms above your head - elbows out & bent slightly, wrist crossed, licking your parted lips, your head straight, you remain motionless waiting for my command and pleasure.