Private appointment for those with an interest in erotic spankings.

For many adult females, receiving spankings and other forms of traditional discipline is a very powerful, intense and sometimes erotic experience. Such consensual spankings and discipline often leads to delightful naughty feelings, much needed emotional releases and even occasional orgasms. Many times such spankings are given over to a third party as true discipline for some committed couples.

I'm not sure it's what you want.

  • Naughty girls getting the stiff punishment that they deserve.
    This is where naughty and misbehaving big girls are sent to the corner, to fret and contemplate their fate.
    There they wait until I'm ready to bare their bottoms and spank them in a sexual nature.
  • What you really need is a good man to take charge of you since you obviously have a wildness in you.
    You want it tamed, trimmed and handled? Just say so!
  • Remember, this is just a start. I'm not an easy man to please. I  don't compromise, and I expect obedience.
    If I don't get it, you'll get my hand across your bare bottom.
  • I'm old enough to administer paternal discipline and spanking.
    There are times when father simply must provide some paternal correction.
  • What should a real man do when his wife is acting like a little girl? Disciplinary spanking of naughty wife.
    Acquainting young wife with family rules - spanking for any and every disobedience.
  • The doctor is prescribing the spanking as the only medicine for young naughty ladies.
    Would your partner care to be the Assistant to the Doctor?

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