What do you WANT?

Most woman are very clear about what it is they don't want:
They don't want what they've got. They also don't want what they've had in the past.
And they don't want anything that will obviously make them miserable.
It is very easy to write down what you don't want.

Much harder to know and write down what you do want.
 The vast majority of women that we interview, are perpetually in pursuit of sexual happiness that seems to be just out of reach.
Some have a vague notion, but no clear vision of what they want.
They tell their current lover what they want, only to discover that they didn't really want it, once they get it.

Here you are invited to celebrate your sensuality by sharing in a one hour session of experimental fun and pleasure with one or more current members of CCI. We seek to entertain real women. ( Women who don't have perfect bodies or wear their 'high heels' to bed.)

In order to get what you want, you must first envision it. See it in your minds eye and spend time meditating on the feelings that you will feel, once you have attained what you want. Incorporate all five senses if possible. Forget about how you will get there, simply imagine being there. If you focus your attention on achieving your sexual goal in a particular manner, and think about all the things that can go wrong you'll never take the first step towards fulfillment. You will be constantly working towards your goal, instead of spending time enjoying your accomplishment during contemplation. By constantly working on your sexual goal and fixating on how you will get there, you limit yourself because there could be other ways for you to get there that have never even occurred to you. It is important for you to clear your mind of "how" you will get there and concentrate on how you will feel during and after the session.

Sometimes addressing personal items requires a shift of consciousness, but if you are willing to try, what you think you want is what you will get.

Request a private interview.

Graduation day:  "No man left standing!"

Our intention is to help facilitate your choice to:
Shed restrictive and limiting beliefs about your sexuality.
Share the joy and pleasure of a one to one or a group experience.
Be confidence in your ability to become more touchable.
Develop deeper intuition and communication with a potential partner.
This is an opportunity for you to enjoy:
Sensual fellowship with real down to earth people.
Pleasurable touching and reciprocal stroking.

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