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Oral Sex: Abstinence or Sex?
Young adults are increasingly engaging in non coital sexual behaviors - oral sex in particular. Most females have probably already performed the 'Basic' technique as described below. It is a common sexual practices that can be enjoyed without the risk coital sexual behaviors presents.
Basic: "While holding your lover's organ in our hand, we place our lips around the head and move our mouth all about."
This is probably what is considered the basic "blow job." The young woman holds her partner's penis at the base while she puts his penis just past her lips and thrusts it in and out without concentrating on any other area of the penis. Not very exciting and passionate!

A better way for both to enjoy.

Holding: "When we takes hold of his semi erection."
When her fingers encircle his penis at the base and works the muscle with a gentle squeezing motion.
Kissing: "When we kiss the tool as if we were kissing the lower lip."
When the woman simply kisses her lover's penis softly and gently, but hard enough for him to feel the sensation.
Biting the Sides: "When we press the sides of our lover's organ with our lips and teeth."
Without putting the penis into her mouth, the woman kisses the sides of her lover's penis with her lips and gently brushes her teeth along it or nibbles on its sides.
Rubbing: "When we stroke our lover's shaft all over with our tongue."
When the woman basically licks her lover's penis from tip to base like a lollipop.
Outside Pressing: "When we press on the head of his organ with our lips together and kiss it with suction as if we were drawing it out."
When the woman takes the head of her lover's penis to her lips and sucks on it, as if sucking a straw.
Inside Pressing: "When we place our lover's cock into our mouth and holding it with our lips, we slide it out."
While some of the penis is in her mouth, the experienced woman presses her lips firmly against the penis as she slides it out of her mouth.
Sucking a Mango Fruit: "When we place half of our lover's shaft into our mouth and forcibly kiss and suck it."
This one is pretty self explanatory. Basically, a lot of tongue and sucking action on the upper half of the penis.   Very passionate.
Swallowing It Up: "When we place the whole tool into our mouth and press it to the very end, as if we were going to swallow it up."
When the woman engulfs her lover's entire penis, from tip to base, with her mouth until it touches the back of her throat. Bobbing her head up and down the full length. The most experienced woman will enjoy all, as her male lovers explodes.


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