Norma 1945

Your private female member interview will be conducted at the Charldine Club house.
You'll be asked to present a photo ID and sign a consenting adult form.

The Female Heteroflexibility Group is a sub group of the Charldine Club [International].
If your first meeting goes well, full membership to CCI will be offered to you.

We are BI sexual not Lesbians. We can enjoy the soft touch of a female to female encounter and then invite our male lovers to participate.

Your involvement depends on your needs, limits and fears. The first step, making an appointment and then arriving on time for that appointment is the most difficult. The mental anxiety cause many to delay taking the first step. Shyness and fear of rejection are merely a state of mind. Both items are resolved during the private interview.

We accept all females of legal age, over 18 years. Body size and physical appearance will not hinder your acceptance. Once inside the club meeting room, you'll demonstrate your willingness by complying with our strict dress code. Shoes, skirt and blouse only.

You may bring with you a prewritten list of your needs, limits and fears to be discussed in the one on one private forum. This meeting should last about an hour.
I can sit in on the last half of that meeting if you select a late afternoon appointment.
E-mail me the date and time of your appointment.

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