Fully relax, loosen up and open up

This is the internet, it's tough to tell what is real and what is not; who to trust, and who is just trying to scam you.
After reading what we offer, I am sure you’ll have questions. 

The "mind" is a woman's most powerful sexual organ.

Now available for women, a program that promises to lengthen foreplay time, help women get more pleasure from lovemaking, and make orgasms easy to achieve and more powerful. Just by focusing and stimulating her true sexual organ. (Her mind)

We offer a one on one forum that addresses your sexuality from a fresh new perspective. For starters, our one on one forum relies heavily on relaxation methods to alleviate sexual, psychological blocks in all kinds of women. Together we can create a sensual, vivid and erotic experience.  Body size and physical appearance will not hinder your acceptance.

Clients state, they are left breathless and filled with sexual anticipation and a renewed sense of vigor. That is because specifically for women we focus on the most erotic part of her body. Her mind. Her desire, arousal, anticipation, excitement and passion happen mentally first. If a woman doesn't get mentally excited - she'll never get physically excited. Most males just don't understand her foreplay needs. So he can caress her, stroke her, and fondle her until the cows come home. He can try lotions, potions and concoctions. It won't matter. The gates to heaven will remain locked up, tight as a drum, if her mental needs are left unfulfilled.

Can this method help you put some zing in your romance? Maybe! If you are looking for a way to supercharge your sex-life, put the "wind" back in your sails or dramatically increase the "ooh-la-la" factor in your relationship, and you are reluctant to take drugs, creams or herbs, then this might be your solution.

 Now it gets really exciting! Let me tell you about our program. We offer an "emotional breakthrough" for women. How does this all happen? Let me explain in more detail. Sensual forums allow you to extend your feelings, expand your sensations, and exaggerate your sexual experience during the key moments of your sexual bliss. Your first half hour is a completely passive experience.   Meaning you do nothing, except meditate and just listen. Without any effort, drugs or potions you're able to unleash your own sexual desires and enjoy the happiness. 

  First step: Close your eyes and delete any distracting thoughts you have. Women tend to be "mental-warriors".    They are constantly judging, evaluating and contemplating.    They analyze, theorize and criticize themselves, places and events in their minds way too much.    They relive past experiences and allow their thoughts of worry, shame and guilt to create mental barriers to orgasm. If you let these thoughts invade your mind during love making, you lose.   You lose the moment; you lose the pleasure! You lose the connection to your partner.    And, you lose the most sensuous reward, a blissful, mind-blowing orgasm! We would help you drop these "demon distractions.” 

 As you sit very still and relaxed, you’re led through a gentle, thought reduction experience that leaves your mind and emotions clear, open and ready to receive pleasure. You'll find yourself in a wildly erotic and expectant frame of mind. Your sensations become sharper, your awareness more lucid and your feelings more abundant all without effort or pressure on your part. Soon you're ready to fully experience pleasure. You can focus and enjoy the most exquisite sensations your body can produce. In time you can reach unimaginable heights of extreme sexual bliss. Can you allow yourself to fully relax, loosen up and open up?

We know that stress and tension are stored in different parts the body. The results of which can be linked to long-term damages. If you're tense, stressed or fatigued, it will affect your body's ability to respond to touch and physical sensations. A lot of women resort to alcohol or drugs to help them to "unwind" or relax and let go. Our program is a safer, more natural, more effective way to unwind. With some practice you’ll enjoy being gently put into a state of total sensual bliss and relaxation. Women can get so relaxed that many times they almost drift off to sleep. More like daydreaming. During this state of relaxation and inner calm, you soon feel that life is much easier, sexual thoughts are less complicated. You may also feel fully sexually awakened, possibly for the first time ever. You may notice your breathing has become more rapid, that your skin is flushed, your nipples are swollen and hard, and that you're extremely sensitive to your own touch. You're charged, and filled with eager anticipation as sexual heated waves spreads across your skin. We suggest you just relax and breathe, so that time stands still as you expand and prolong these waves of sexual delight. It is OK to accept an orgasm as a natural ending. Don't be alarmed when you find yourself waking up at the end of your forum session, feeling relaxed, yet totally energized. You'll notice your erogenous zones pulsating and throbbing and your sexual desires rising like never before. You will be hungry for a manly touch and tingling with delicious sensations. We would have you store these feeling of fully aroused and completely in the mood to be recalled as needed.

 Our program leaves your mind prepare for orgasm and your body ready to relax into your orgasms. You are ready to ride the orgasmic wave to even more dizzying heights. You'll want to expand that moment longer than you've thought possible. You’ll need your love partner! 

Sometimes just making the decision to have sex can be burdensome, especially if the sexual excitement has worn off. All to often our careers and the work place schedules get in the way. A family distraction, like the kids at home comes into the mix. It is easy for the guys. Men heat up faster than a furnace, while women are more like those slow roaster cookers.   So many women find it a constant source of frustration when it seems like their man is less interested in making love and more interested in just finishing. All women have "faked" orgasms at one time or another.   They do this mostly to salvage the men's egos.    But also because, they just don't come that easily or happen that often if ever at all.    While it's true, having an orgasm should never be the goal of your sexual experience; it sure can be a delightful reward that causes you to want even more. No more need to wait on any special time or place. Recalling the feeling you had in session is a simple technique that'll have you hot and ready to go in seconds. This method releases your partner from the enslavement and pressure to turn you on. You, the woman will be in control. It's the ultimate foreplay shortcut. It doesn't eliminate the need for foreplay, but it does shorten the gap considerably helping women to heat up faster, and burn hotter. With your love partner you experience intense orgasms easily and naturally. With your reaction it makes it very easy for him to experience extraordinarily intense orgasms. Maybe, even more then once during the same love session.

 There are few things that bring couples closer and faster than complete sexual intimacy. Making love is not just an act; it's a "physical expression" of love. Learn this type of intimacy and connection with deep feelings of love, bliss and sexual fulfillment. Imagine being in your lover's arms as you cry tears of joy and bliss because you connect more deeply with him. He'll love you for all you have done for him. This is what happens when you have the ability to really open your mind, heart and emotions during lovemaking. Once you have no blocks, no distractions, no stress and no tension, suddenly you're able to "tap in" to a deeper source of emotional nourishment. You now have access to extreme feelings of bliss, well-being and love. And in that instant, all is right and beautiful within your love relationship.

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