Like many of you I sometimes surf the net by simply entering the words 'sexual encounters' into a search engine just to stay up to speed on what's out there. One thing I've noticed a little more in the last year or so is this growing thought that arranged, social-sexual encounters are being accepted. The web sites tend to approve the temptation toward influencing some adult into acting out their immoral thoughts in real life. I also think that many of the socially unacceptable interests are now coming out in the light more as a result of the ease of access to information in general over the Internet. For example, it's typically very easy for someone looking up 'sexual encounters' and finding many web sites explaining all the spin-off interests, like group sex, BI-sexual, domination and submission activities. Strangely, the search engines themselves sometimes lead the unwary to a sexual site. It's not uncommon that I get a visitor to this site who did a relatively 'innocent' search. If you are one of the above, please exit now.

I think what is happening in the North East is that with the explosion of sexual information over the Internet for couples and singles, more and more single females are thinking about their own sexual fantasies. That is what happen to me.

My reoccurring fantasy was to have an older male just take me without all the words of seduction the younger guys seem to need. Kissing and petting had their place back in high school but that was not a part of my fantasy. How many times have you wanted sex only but the guy just keeps going on with his endless, pointless stories. I have had others who thought I needed some kind of massage. One even brought along a portable table.

My first day at CCI was set up to fulfill my fantasy. Simple and fast: I agreed to arrive wearing a skirt and blouse. As I entered the building, I signed the personal request form and presented my driver's license for verification of age. Then I was lead to another room. "Remove your shoes and blouse then have a seat on the couch." I was told. " Bill will be with you in a minute or so."

I did as instructed and in less then a minute Bill entered the room. He removed his jeans and walked straight towards my parted knees. My right hand held my pussy lips open to him.

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