Open to consenting adult women.

This service is offered to female participants (single or half of a couple) as an educational approach to sexual eroticism.
Those who wish to experiment beyond their orderly structured day to day routine.
We give you a chance to do the things you have fantasized about.

We keep the process is legal. (No drugs, minors or prostitution.)   Our culture is terrified to the point of hysteria by any kind of blatant eccentricity or sexual nonconformity. The old age double standards still exists between the genders. " Nice girls shouldn't enjoy being a sexual individuals with desires and needs. " In private, you can experiment with our mechanical love toys or you can have your way with one or several lovers and remain anonymous to all but the club operator.

What to expect at your first meeting:
In our private home atmosphere, you'll be directed to one of our meeting room chairs. Once seated, the club operator will ask several personal questions. He would have you describe and discuss your current social & sexual limits and fears. In do time he'll listen to your ideas of a thrilling, new experience and adventure.  Based on your answers, your limits and desires, you'll be encouraged to move to an agreeable starting position. If you agree, you'll need to sign a private person, adult consent form. (Form link is at the end of this page.)

Before proceeding to the second floor it is off to the undressing room for you. Most females do not have a problem with this. What women doesn't enjoy the wonderful feeling of looking sensuous when wearing a lacy item that only accentuate her form and makes her all the more alluring? To display her charms in such a way that no man could possibly ignore them. Treating a man to a visual display of physical femininity is sure to solicit a physical response. I think it was best described by one of our female clients. "I'm so willing to finally be able to wear my sexy scanties for someone other then just myself." Street clothes are not allowed on the second floor. Real players don't wear panties. A short kimono will be supplied if needed.

Two private bedrooms, a semi-private room and the group sex room is on the second floor. The term group sexuality is used to refer to many varieties of sexual activities, as long as three or more people engage in the acts at the same time. One last check, before leading you up the stairs. "Are you OK?" the club operator will ask.

Our Main Objectives are: Legality, security and discretion.
Secondly: Social behavior. No drugs - No drunks and No obnoxious members.

The request form you are asked to submit on line will allow us to understand your fantasy. We will need detailed information in order to invite the correct members to fulfill the fantasy you will describe in the "Personal Interest:" block.
If you are going to be escorted by your spouse or steady partner, enter his name and date of birth.
When you are you ready,  submit the request form.

Use the following for ideas or suggestions. We will always entertain new ideas you may suggest for our service.

  • The right atmosphere to set aside boundaries. Women for Love
  • Private appointment Visit with Dr.Orgasm
  • Sex Machine. Ultimate Orgasm
  • Anal training. By appointment only. The AssMan
  • Black Bull: Servicing light skin females
  • Anal Lover. I do enjoy! Sgl_Female
  • Masturbating: Alone or Otherwise
  • The Men's Club: Two Guys for her pleasure.
  • Threesome MF+M BBW_Cpl + Sgl_Male
  • Fully relax, loosen up and open up. Passage to Intimacy.
  • Afternoon Delight: Threesome MFM
  • What is your Sexual goal
  • Private Encounter with a Blindfold
  • Happily married bored wife
  • We tell our male lovers it is an All girl party
  • Novice bi sexual females.   Heteroflexibility
  • Bi sexual females.   Norma.
  • Females 40+yrs. Florance
  • Understand your body Capabilities
  • No foreplay- needed or wanted. Graduate JuniorCollege
  • Masturbating your male members? Hand jobs
  • Females training in the art of. Oral Sex.
  • Special role-playing #1 meetings. Tie me up.
  • Special role-playing #2 meetings. Tie him up.
  • Resident domination. Crimson Bottoms
  • Spring females seeking Fall males. Young women.
  • Two lesbians seeking submissives. Two 4 You
  • Group sex(me and several guys)is the best Linda & 4 BlackMales
  • Opening for Love. First time for anal.
  • Submissive females Potential Submissives
  • Submissive females seeking Training
  • Submissive Sandy with Rob seeking others
  • Alexa's fantasy party   ||   Couples bi-sexual party   ||   Amanda's BBW group.   ||   PlayMates weekday party   ||   Submissive female private encounters

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