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      Closed on all holidays.

Personal and sexual interview.

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Straight Single FEMALE.
Bi Single FEMALE.
Straight Married FEMALE on my own.
Bi Married FEMALE on my own.
FEMALE half of a together Couple.
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Shoes, Dress or Skirt & Blouse ONLY .

Consenting adult females. You are requesting a private forum with the owner and operator.
   Location- west of Albany,NY. (Routes I-90 & I-88 Town of Duanesburg.NY)

Your personal sexual interest, fantasies & limits are?

I wish to attend as a:  Unescorted Female ($15.00 fee)
I wish to attend as a:  Escorted Female ($40.00/cpl fee)
Escorted Female, Enter your male partner's full legal name and birth date.  

Attendance is to certify that you are over 18 years of age, and hold the same philosophy as stated in our open-letter and you will observe all government rules and regulations. You also declare that you are seeking this meeting of your own free will as a private-person.
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