Florance is my name but please call me Flo.

Never did I think my web_tv connection world lead me to this type of dating.
My story is simple. My departed husband and I owned and operated a motel in Glens Falls, NY.
When his health failed we could no longer maintain the business. A year after we sold out, he past away.

I stayed on with the new owners of the motel as a night clerk. With their office computer I learned to use the Internet. I got hooked. In a very short time, I signed up for web_tv. I knew how to get to the yahoo chat rooms, and started to play in a Chat Room  
That is when a whole new world opened up for me.
The next item to turn my world around was to go to the CCI site per the advice of a young man from the chat room.

There, I was asked one question.  "What are your interest?" "Men, lots of men." was my reply.
That lead to a visit from one of the photographers. He would visit me at the motel and take some photos for my web pages. That sounds innocent enough.

These are the photos taken in the first hour.
    click    click    click    click

I giggled at his encouragement to show a little thigh.

How I got from this fully dressed pose  

to nude , I'm still not sure.