In our current society, one of controlling relationships, we must be either male or female,
straight or gay. We cannot be both or neither or more than that.

In our hurry to draw the sexuality line, we have lost the  truth of human bodies and desires.
Humans are messy and our passions are even messier. Forcing our bodies to toe the line of
binary ideologies only deadens us to the multiple possibilities that present themselves every
time an orgasm is had.         Heteroflexibility

Single or married women can feel free to name their primary commitment to  men while proclaiming
their sexual availability to other women.  Heteroflexibility is the newest permutation of  sexual identity. "I'm heteroflexible."  This means that I have a primarily heterosexual lifestyle, with a primary sexual and emotional
attachment to someone of the opposite sex. But,  I  remains open to sexual encounters and even relationships with persons of the same sex.  I do not consider myself as a bisexual or lesbian. .
As a group of females we stick with  heterosexual identification while still "getting in on the fun of
homosexual pleasures. "Heteroflexibility is exciting for all females. Single or otherwise."

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