On the rebound? I don't think so. 

I spent my college years and one more being in a love relationship with one guy who was three years my senior. We broke up a little over three months now and I find my mind wondering what I might have missed out on. Most often I think of being with more then one male lover.

My fantasy: A threesome with Tim and John. Once inside the apartment I quickly go down the hall and into the bathroom to remove my clothes and replace them with the sheer negligee I had brought with me... and to rinse my sopping pussy. After touching-up my make-up, I would return to the front room to find that both guys had already removed all their clothes except their shorts. They had music softly playing on the radio. Tim was nearest and would take me into his arms and plant a kiss on my lips. John came up from behind, reached around, and cupped both of my breasts as he pressed me against Tim. I could feel that both guys already had hard cocks and they were both being pressed into me. When Tim breaks off the kiss, he guides me to the center of the room where a blanket covered the hardwood flooring. My mind giggled at the thought " we are going to have a picnic lunch. " My lovers right and left of me as we walked to the middle of a blanket. Tim's hand on my shoulders, John holding my hands, we all knelt to the blanket. John released my hands and pulled on the tie strings that held my negligee at the neckline. His hands pushed the material off of my shoulders passing the negligee to Tim to complete the removal. Tim from behind gripped my arms and tilted me over into a sitting position. My back against him for support while John straightens out my legs. Both slipped out of their shorts and I lay back onto the fury blanket. Tim was first to gently place his lips on mine for a brief kiss. Then he moved his mouth to my breast. John's left hand crawled up between my legs and began petting my pubic mound. With a kiss John whispered into my ear, "Lay back, relax, let your mind float off somewhere... and let us play all kinds of sweet melodies on your lovely body." I smiled, closed my eyes... and did as John said. John began to explore the outer lips of my pussy with his fingers. Tim worked on my breasts. He held one as he began sucking the nipple on the other breast. By this time, John had begun to dart his fingers in and out of my pussy. The simultaneous sensual attention to my breasts and my clit felt so good! They were gentle, and slow. With my eyes closed, my mind began to focus on the over-all feeling of contentment that I was experiencing. It wasn't long before I began to feel involuntary contractions deep within my groin... and I experienced my first orgasm of the afternoon. As my orgasm subsided, John crawled between my legs and Tim moved up next to my head. Tim used his hand to turn my face and bring my lips to his. John moved in tighter to my pussy and I could feel his breath on my exposed clit. I reached out my hands until I had Timís hard cock firmly in grasp.

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