Visiting a male sexual surrogate for the first time might seem intimidating. It is understandable that women who have never seen a surrogate before may be nervous or even scared. Your first appointment will usually last up to an hour. The first few minutes the female assistant will conduct an interview and have you sign a consent form. "You are there as a private person seeking physical and sexual contact of your own free will." You will need to present a photo ID as well.

The very first question will be, "the chief reason for the visit." Depending upon your answer, she can suggest and explain what services you might find interesting. You will be asked to describe any limits you might have. For her to make the most accurate assessment possible and develop a good personal connection, you should think before answering her questions. It might help to take a deep breath before answering. Do ask for a copy of the session's video. It cost a bit more but well worth it.
Point and click. Request Appointment form.

After the interview, you'll be directed to the changing rooms. There you will disrobe and shower. You'll find fresh towels on the table next to the door marked "exit." Wait there. Either I or a staff member will come to fetch you. [ Note: We are not qualified to perform a medical examination. ]

My name is Clara. My first appointment with Dr. Orgasmas went well.


The chief reason for my visit;
With my few sexual partners as well as by myself I can achieve the 'Big O' once.
With a male partner, as soon as he detects that I am cuming, he gets off and the session comes to an end.
I have yet to be with a male partner who has the willingness / eagerness to work with me so that I can have more than one peak during a single sex session.
By myself masturbating, I can have an intense orgasm that leaves me weak. Unable to continue and too sensitive to be retouched.

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Still blindfolded and tied, I was allowed to rest for a short time.
I know now, what was inside "theBOX". [ See video clip - part II ]

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