Single female - fantasy encounter.

Melissa signed up and completed her private forum on July 2. She had a long written list of things she would like to try. She had a short list of  don't do's. No pain and no anal.

Two weeks late she returned for her first encounter and agreed to allow me to photograph her private session with a current male member.

  As planned she arrived at 2: pm. I took her hand and lead her to the small private bedroom on the second floor. There I had her sit on the bed and close her eyes.

The fantasy I had selected for her from her list was "to be blindfolded and have one or more males do her."

With her eyes closed, I asked her to let her mind picture what might take place in just a few minutes. Verbally I described what I had arranged for her. .

Ok, open your eyes and tell me if that sound like something you had in mind?
"Oh yes! she replied.

We have about 15 minutes before Michael will arrive. In the mean time, remove your blouse and jeans.   Before leaving her in the bedroom, I handed her the blindfold.