I'm Linda 21 years old - long brunette hair brown eyes.
I'm on here looking to have some fun with any sexy guys who are looking to have some fun.
I just graduated from a junior college and I'm now working at a boring job doing a lot of boring stuff.
I'm on here looking to have a wild sexual time to spice things up a bit.

I'm pretty much your average girl next door except for one fault, my insatiable appetite for sex and sexual things.
I think about that practically the entire time I'm at work. By the time I get home I'm so fucking worked up that I cant think straight till I get fucked by someone or something. (Most of the time it is the later.)  I can't ever seem to get enough action no matter how often I get laid.  Guys, dildos, whatever.  I just need to get off at least several times a day and I don't care how I get that done. At work while others take a smoke break outside of the building, I'm off to the ladies lounge with my Pocket Rocket.

People say I look shy and innocent, and that's how I wish to look in certain aspects of my life. Though the truth is that I'm actually a sexually addicted little nymph-o. I not only love to have sex, I love to have people watch me have sex too.
I'm not at all interested in other woman but I don't mind them watching me being fucked by their male lover. 
I also love to talk dirty to people about sex and masturbate together with them.

I was looking around the internet and when I found CCI. I thought maybe a swingers club would be a good way to find people who like to have sex.   Who love to talk dirty before, during and after real sweaty encounters.  I love to meet with all kinds of guys  as long as then can rise to the occasion.  Soft limp dicks need not waste my time. 
Group sex ( me and several guys ) is just the best.  I want to masturbate together. Suck their cocks. Ride their faces. Have them fill my pussy and ass with their meat.  Don't try to be a gentle lover. Pound me as hard as you can. I can take it and enjoy it.

If you would like to get together, we'll talk by E-mail or IM and get to know each other.
You won't mind if I play with myself as we talk and make plans to meet.
Enough for NOW? I look forward to getting to know you and having some fun together.

My video is very graphic and it is obviously of an adult nature. Because of that anyone who wishes to view it will have to have a valid email address.
When you enter your valid email address and birth date as an adult of legal age, you will have a confirmation sent to you.
  I will confirm that email you will be able to enter my movie page and see what I can do with four black bucks. This makes sure that only the ones who are of age view the movie.

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